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Fairy-tale heroes

Sofia the Beautiful

4The little girl, who became a princess. Sofia loves animals. She brought some friends to familiarize children with them.

Дополнительно можно заказать: аквагрим на встречу гостей. Выступление дрессированных кошек. Гелиевые шарики по цветовой гаме праздника. Шоу мыльных пузырей. Фотосьёмка. Шоколадный фонтан

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6Favorite boys’ hero, who’ll prove that he is one of the most powerful heroes of DC Comics.

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7You’ll never be bored with him! Correct formulating of the games in case of searching the bats, for example - all the thanks to the Batman accuracy.

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Star Wars

9Darth Vader and Stormtrooper prepared for guys tasks which are not easy to handle! Communication with robots, sword fight, all of this is for the fans of Star Wars.

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11Bright holiday for the girls will organise the most active and interesting girl who loves to dress up and do the make-up. All the girls will be able to feel like a real fashion-monger next to her.

Дополнительно можно заказать: мини салон красоты для девочек. розовые шарики. фото зона. сладкая вата

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The Fixies

12The program is designed for children from 2 to 6 years. Who are The Fixies?! These small savers will take care of not only the repairing but also a bad mood. These heroes will bring into your territory lots of smiles and fun games. Children will be able to ask any questions they are interested in, while the main characters of the feast will hold them into the world of appliances.

Дополнительно можно заказать: шариковая дискотека . фотосьемка. творческая часть. Пиньята в виде гайки. Сладкая вата

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What Royal Holiday is?

It is the interesting show program, colorful outfits, and a pinch of magic. You need to be a child to understand what he wants, we are doing everything possible to make children believe in magic and miracles. All actors turn into favorite characters to make your child believe in a fairy tale.

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Master Classes

We can hold a funny and useful children's holiday in a creative workshop, where all the participants will get a gift made with their own hands. Girls, boys and even their parents will find something interesting in classes of cooking and design. Master class - it thrills, splash of emotions, the opportunity to learn and discover your creative nature.

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Career Zag


Are you 16 years old? Do you think that you are different from others? Do you want to pay for KFC or buy iphone? Tired of sitting at home?!?!?! We are the team of professional animators who will teach you to deal with the children, and even we'll pay you for it!!! Freelance !!! Do you want ?! Than call us!