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Laser show

LaserIt is fascinating, incredible and unique sight, it is impossible to take your look away from it during the show! You will see not just a dance of lasers, various illuminations in the form, as it usually happens - you will witness the conquest of laser by the mankind. The first hand movement - and rays accelerate its pace intertwining in a three-dimensional figures. The second move - and the laser completely hides a character instantly turning into a shimmering dome. You can book a show for an important celebration as a decoration for the holiday, or just for someone to gift.

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What Royal Holiday is?

It is the interesting show program, colorful outfits, and a pinch of magic. You need to be a child to understand what he wants, we are doing everything possible to make children believe in magic and miracles. All actors turn into favorite characters to make your child believe in a fairy tale.

Good tidings

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Exclusive outfits

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Master Classes

We can hold a funny and useful children's holiday in a creative workshop, where all the participants will get a gift made with their own hands. Girls, boys and even their parents will find something interesting in classes of cooking and design. Master class - it thrills, splash of emotions, the opportunity to learn and discover your creative nature.

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Career Zag


Are you 16 years old? Do you think that you are different from others? Do you want to pay for KFC or buy iphone? Tired of sitting at home?!?!?! We are the team of professional animators who will teach you to deal with the children, and even we'll pay you for it!!! Freelance !!! Do you want ?! Than call us!